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Mobile Devices Assigned to an Active Directory User Sometimes Fail to Enroll Using a Prestage Enrollment

This article explains why mobile devices sometimes fail to enroll using a PreStage enrollment.

VPP Content Displays “No name” and “Unknown” for the Content Name and Type

This article explains why content purchased from Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) may not display the content name and type.

Conflicting Passcode Requirements in Configuration Profiles Cause Issues on OS X Computers

This article explains how to avoid conflicting password requirements on OS X computers.

Using Boot Camp Assistant and Winclone Pro to Create a Dual-Boot Image for Deployment with the Casper Suite

This article explains how to use Boot Camp Assistant and Winclone Pro to create a dual-boot image that can be deployed using the Casper Suite.

Upgrading a Computer to OS X v10.10.3 Causes the Computer to Become Unresponsive 

This article explains why a computer becomes unresponsive after upgrading to OS X v10.10.3. It also explains how to troubleshoot the issue.

Wildcard Character Changes for Smart Groups

This article describes the changes made to wildcard characters for smart group criteria in the JSS v9.7 or later.

How Composer Displays Partitions when Building OS Packages

This article explains how Composer v9.7 or later displays partitions when building OS packages.

Redoing VPP Registration for an Unintended Apple ID

This article explains how to redo the VPP registration for a user that registered with VPP using an unintended Apple ID.

Restoring a Computer's Connection with the JSS After Quitting VMware Fusion

This article explains how to restore the connection between a computer and the JAMF Software Server (JSS) after the connection is broken by quitting VMware Fusion.

Restoring Computers’ Communication with the JSS After Upgrading to the Casper Suite v9.64

This article explains how to restore computer communication with the JSS after you have upgraded to the Casper Suite v9.64.