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Feature Requests

iOS - Compliance dependant Profiles

Posted: 4/20/16 at 9:05 PM by Stuey Last Response: Yesterday at 10:37 PM by Stuey


We're currently using a competitor product to manage our iOS Devices. This product allows us to restrict access email if the device doesn't meet security criteria: Passcode, Jailbreak/Rooted, etc

This product uses an "ActiveSync Gateway" Appliance controlled by their JSS Equivalent to restrict mail access. This means our ActiveSync Ports aren't published externally and therefore, Mail cannot be configured on a device without it being enrolled in the MDM.

It would be great if the JSS were able to do this also, or at the very least, remove a profile should the device fall out of compliance.

Assign device based Mac app licenses on demand

Posted: 5/18/16 at 10:37 AM by cbrewer Last Response: Yesterday at 5:06 PM by Graeme

I'm looking to be able to scope a Mac App store app in Self Service to a large group of users, but only have the JSS assign a device based managed vpp license for the app when a user requests the app via Self Service. Right now the licenses are controlled by how the app is scoped. This means I have to assign licenses to everyone in my large group of users, thus wasting licenses on users who may never install it.

Hide Self Service Server Address

Under Review
Posted: 10/25/13 at 1:19 PM by dmertens Last Response: Yesterday at 4:32 PM by Look

Need to be able to hide the JSS server address that shows up in Self Service.

external image link

Deferral Limit as "net %days" or "%n times"

Under Review
Posted: 9/19/13 at 8:32 AM by blimvisible Last Response: Yesterday at 2:30 PM by jason.bracy

Current Deferral Limit settings for policies are a fixed date/time. For ongoing policies this is a pain because, once the date passes, you either lose a deferral period entirely, or you have to extend the deferral date indefinitely, which means the policy may never be applied. I would like to be able to set a deferral limit of %n number of days since first deferral or %n number of times from first deferral, allowing a set grace period before policy enforcement regardless of specific calendar dates.

JNUC videos

Posted: 4/12/16 at 6:19 AM by AVmcclint Last Response: Yesterday at 11:31 AM by AVmcclint

PROBLEM: When I watch some videos from previous JNUCs the audio is horrible. It doesn't matter if I'm wearing a headset or using external speakers and have the volume cranked up to full blast, I still can't hear half of what is being said.

SOLUTION 1: find new audio engineers for the events

SOLUTION 2: (as suggested by someone else in another post) close caption the videos. This would help bring people who truly do have hearing disabilities into the presentation so they can benefit like the rest of us.

Support Configuration Profile Options to Suppress iCloud and Diagnostics & Usage Prompts

Posted: Yesterday at 11:00 AM by etippett

Apparently there are some new settings available in configuration profiles for El Capitan to disable the iCloud Setup and Diagnostics/Usage Info Reporting pop-ups that occur at login after an OS upgrade.


These do not appear to be available in Casper 9.91 and I don't recall seeing anything about them being added in 9.92. Please make these available in the JSS.

An e-mail notification when a reply/update is given on a Discussion

Posted: Yesterday at 6:20 AM by rblaas Last Response: Yesterday at 10:52 AM by rblaas

I would like to know if it is possible to subscribe to an discussion and receive an e-mail notification when someone places a reply.

Now days I only receive an e-mail notification when someone mentions me in a reply but there are many discussion I would like to follow without adding own comments to the discussion.

On most forums you can subscribe to a thread and receive notifications. Would love to see this option.



Naming new computers based on DNS Name in pre-stage imaging

Not Planned
Posted: 11/10/11 at 7:47 AM by ega Last Response: Yesterday at 3:18 AM by jwrn3

Would like to add an option to name a computer using it's DNS name. Would be the same as:
/usr/sbin/systemsetup -setcomputername $(/bin/hostname -s)

Make caching packages/Smart Groups smarter

Under Review
Posted: 8/14/13 at 1:48 PM by krichterjr Last Response: 5/22/16 at 2:57 AM by jimd

Smart groups that are scoped to look for Receipts -->Cached Packages-->Has--><12345.pkg> purely look for the file by name in the "waiting room". The issue with this is if you try to cache a packages and it gets interrupted, you end up with a partially downloaded package with that file name.

So when you have a policy to install the cached package and have it scoped to computers it cached according to the smart group, those computers with partially downloaded packages will get the policy and the installation will fail.

I'm sure there's a number of ways to make this better. A few ideas I had would be some form of a check against the original package on the distribution point or by using a temporary name while the package is downloading.

I know this could all be done with some form of an EA but I think it makes sense to have it built in to the JSS since caching and installing cached a big part of Casper.

Ability to Add 3rd Party Applications to loginitems Configuration Profile Payloads

Posted: 5/20/16 at 1:45 PM by milesleacy Last Response: 5/20/16 at 1:48 PM by milesleacy

Please add a JSS GUI option to specify 3rd party applications and software for a loginitems configuration profile payload.

Editing XML files in the JSS webapp is infeasible for many reasons on a properly managed and monitored infrastructure. I also doubt a customer would be allowed to make the necessary modifications to a JAMF Cloud instance, and even if so, the previous argument still applies.

This is similar to other extant feature requests, the ability to add 3rd party items to the systempreferences payload, for example.