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Feature Requests

Expire invalid push tokens

Posted: 1/28/15 at 10:30 AM by jrippy Last Response: Today at 2:21 AM by bofh

In the JAMFSoftwareServer log, I received LOTS of warnings such as:

Unable to create push notification for device: UserPushToken [ID=###, Name=]. A required field (UDID, APN Token) was empty.

These entries in the database for computer user push tokens that do not contain a username AND a user id should be able to be flushed from the database either at a set scheduled interval or a selectable one similar to the one employed for Log Flushing. As there is no way to associate these entries with a valid user push token since they are missing two pieces needed, these entries will never become updated with the correct data and will continue to throw these warnings in the logs.

These need to be addressed even though they are only warnings because:
1) Even if they don't "hurt" the server, these are still bloating the database even if just slightly.
2) Perhaps more important, due to the number I have already seen (almost 200 on a new server) and the frequency for which it tries to deliver the invalid tokens (every 5 minutes), these notifications fill my log and cache it to roll very frequently.

Jeff Rippy

Responded: 2/20/15 at 11:52 AM by beth.lindner

Thank you for submitting this. We are currently tracking this issue under a development ticket with ID D-008552. Please use that ID number to track resolution in future release notes for the Casper Suite.

Disable the checkbox "Enable SSL certificate verification" until after the certificate is added.

Posted: 8/29/15 at 9:03 PM by bradtchapman Last Response: 8/29/15 at 9:05 PM by makingtortillas

During our CCA class this past week, we had a lively discussion about this setting:

For those of you who aren't aware ... enabling this checkbox will instruct all clients to refuse to connect to the JSS whose certificate is not validated by the root certificate authorities (GoDaddy, Verisign, Thawte, etc). Effectively, all clients will stop checking in after their next check-in, and the only way to fix this is to re-enroll every single device.

This is known in some circles as a resume generating event (RGE).

Is there any way to prevent a JSS Administrator (or user with sufficient privilege) from accidentally enabling this feature until after the appropriate certificate has been installed?

I think JAMF should quarantine certain features that, if enabled, would cause an RGE.

Push Configurtations with Casper Remote like Casper Imaging

Not Planned
Posted: 8/19/15 at 10:25 AM by KCH080208 Last Response: 8/29/15 at 2:51 AM by bentoms

I want to be able to take a new computer, enroll it, than use casper remote to push my configurations rather than have to check every box for the software that I want. I understand I can net boot and do it that way but this is much faster for me and would be a great feature.

Not Planned Responded: 8/27/15 at 8:58 AM by erin.miska

@Chris_Hafner has a great explanation below of the different options already available for provisioning computers without using NetBoot and without having to go through the work of selecting all the individual items that you want applied during provisioning.

MariaDB support

Under Review
Posted: 9/18/13 at 7:17 AM by jarednichols Last Response: 8/28/15 at 6:18 PM by Vark

Manage Self Service/Policy Icons

Under Review
Posted: 10/4/13 at 12:44 PM by Sonic84 Last Response: 8/28/15 at 5:35 PM by Emmert

Feature wishlist:
Provide a in-JSS web GUI to manage custom icons uploaded to the JSS for policies used in self service. Should list all icons uploaded to the JSS and which policies are using them. Should list some specifications for each icon: dimensions, file size, dpi, etc...
Provide options to replace icon source or delete icon. Replacing an icon resource should update related policies without needing to go into each affected policy and choose a new icon manually.

Apple Certified Training - New York

Posted: 5/14/14 at 1:25 PM by RaulSantos Last Response: 8/28/15 at 2:47 PM by dustydorey

I would love to see Apple Certified Training also done in New York it would make the Training Pass worth it.

Calculate Login Duration and Primary User based on longest Login Duration

Posted: 8/28/15 at 8:51 AM by adhuston Last Response: 8/28/15 at 9:19 AM by adhuston

I've been asked to figure out a way to determine what the primary users is of a device. Both SCCM and Alteris have a notion of associating the primary user of a device based on the login duration, i.e. both products associate the primary user of the device by looking at who uses it the longest. I took a look in the JSS and while I can see there is a login and logout time I can't find a way of calculating the login duration. I also realize that I can populate the User and Location information, but that is a manual process, and we were looking for more of an automated one. It would also be great to have the primary user information in the API so that we could export that information into our helpdesk software. I've attached a concept drawing of what a report for a machine would look like:

Casper 9 - Customize Order of Display Fields

Under Review
Posted: 1/22/14 at 5:19 PM by derek.peterson Last Response: 8/28/15 at 8:03 AM by PeterClarke

JAMF please consider adding the ability for users of the JSS to customize the order of display fields in Casper 9. We currently have the ability to expose a variety of fields for Inventory Display and Advanced Computer Searches, however we cannot specify what order they appear in when the report is displayed. Thanks in advance!

Testing out of CCT

Posted: 8/23/15 at 12:41 PM by GSquared Last Response: 8/27/15 at 6:04 PM by makingtortillas

For those of us with ample experience with JAMF's software and who manage computer, mobile devices, software, etc using the Casper Suite/JSS on a daily basis I believe there should be an option to test out of the CCT. Being that the CCT is the basics, I'm sure a few of us on here would be able to pass it with no issues considering the years of experience some have.

Testing out of the CCT would allow employers to be able to send employees on more training as costs would be lower (Travel, hotel, etc would not be an issue for those testing out of it.)

This one has been discussed in a few different threads here on JAMFNation. It was also mentioned in the original thread where the CCT was added and the CCA was moved to be the test after the CCT.

See here: CCT Thread

-Must be requested/approved via Account Manager/EDU Team at JAMF
-Must have at least 6mo-1 year of experience with JAMF's software (I'm sure this could be adjusted depending.)
-Must have managed both Mobile Devices and Computers with Casper (Since the CCT covers both.)

Cannot attaching Image when Creating a new JAMF Support Case

Posted: 8/27/15 at 1:58 PM by baha_khalil

There is no way to attach images in the Customer Support Area when creating a new case here: https://support.jamfsoftware.com/createSupportCase.html

It should replicate the Feature Request submission.
If I have an image attachment I will always have to email as the workaround.

This is what it looks like now.