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Ability to Associate Multiple AD Users to a Single Computer in the JSS

Posted: Today at 10:49 AM by JeremiahDuke Last Response: Today at 6:16 PM by Matt.Sim

In our environment we sometimes have multiple users associated with a single computer. It would be helpful to have the option to add multiple users to the User and Location portion of the computer information in the JSS. This would help with finding which users are using which computers. Unfortunately I don't know what the impact would be to the rest of the JSS if there were multiple users associated with a computer.

Two-Factor Authentication

Under Review
Posted: 3/5/12 at 6:40 PM by kyle.seton Last Response: Today at 1:58 PM by cgiordano

Two factor authentication integration with RSA tokens or YubiKey ect. For access to the JSS either via enrolment or standard JSS login. At my organisation we are heavily regulated and not allowed to have access to LDAP accounts in our DMZ. With this integration of two-factor authentication we can remove the work a rounds we have in place and uses the JSS for all it is worth. This would also provide another level of security that could be incorporated in to other organisations to stop AD accounts being locked out by intentional failed logging attempts via the JSS or failed enrolments attempts.


Recon - Network Scanner

Posted: Today at 1:19 PM by mire3212

Add the ability to export the status of a finished scan to CSV/Excel/etc. It should be able to export all Enrolled, Not Found and Problem categories for report purposes and to help hunt down straggling machines.

add option to enable screen sharing for admins management accounts during enrollment

Posted: Today at 12:44 PM by RogerUL Last Response: Today at 1:17 PM by erin.miska

It would be nice to be able to enable screen sharing during enrollment. Currently you can only enable SSH access.

Casper Admin in Windows

Not Planned
Posted: Today at 12:44 PM by mire3212

We have a few Windows systems that are used for SCCM integration with Windows based clients that we are piggy-backing off of to use as internal distribution points for our Mac clients via HTTP/S. It would be extremely helpful to be able to run Casper Admin on any one of the SCCM distribution points to be able to trigger replication throughout the rest of the network. As it is, there's not many Macs that are able to do this in the network that aren't a client's machine and the convenience would be great.

Not Planned Responded: Today at 1:10 PM by erin.miska

The long-term plan for Casper Admin is to move the functionality to other parts of the Casper Suite, so we do not currently have plans to do any work with that app. However, we do hope to make some distribution point enhancements that would minimize the need to manually trigger replication.

Prepopulated Blacklist for Restricted Software

Under Review
Posted: 11/9/11 at 8:08 PM by lisacherie Last Response: Today at 12:38 PM by mire3212

A pre-populated blacklist that can be enabled in the Restricted Software settings including applications like:
known spyware
keystroke loggers
torrenting applications

All jamf policy command to run as non-root user

Posted: 3/27/15 at 4:24 PM by thoule Last Response: Today at 11:59 AM by mm2270

I often write programs that take advantage of the command "jamf policy -event customID" command. However those commands require an admin user to run. If the same policy is executed via self service, no admin access is required.

Please allow the 'jamf policy -event xxxx' command to run as a non-root user.

Enable "Full Debug" mode from the JSS web interface

Posted: Today at 10:12 AM by Sonic84 Last Response: Today at 10:27 AM by Fveja

Hello, it would be great if we could toggle "full debug" logging from the JAMF JSS web interface. We engage JAMF support often for issues, I am told that setting the JSS into debug mode via https://jss.company.com:8443/logging.html isn't verbose enough logging. I'd like a feature to be added to the JSS so it will be possible to set the JSS into full debug mode without needing to restart Tomcat and create a service outage for my clients.

Mass Edit User Site Info

Posted: Today at 9:51 AM by kuypers

Mass Edit User Site

Working for a School District and having 30 sites We need a way to mass edit the users site info. Example 6th grade students moving to any of three middle schools need a way to remove site there moving from and add them to the new site. Site admins will be able to see the new students at their sites, but not a part of two sites. As of now we can Mass Edit Device Records Sites just need a way for Users.

Students are keeping their devices so they need to be able to remove from one site and add to another.

Accept VPP Invitation with App Store Removed (Install Off)

Posted: 9/26/14 at 1:09 PM by kmcdermott Last Response: Today at 9:12 AM by cdenesha

While testing the new feature in 9.5 that allows installation of apps with App Store removed, I found that users cannot accept VPP Invitations with the App Store removed.

I am requesting that Jamf use the same technique that was used for the app installation, to also allow for VPP invitation accepting.

We require the App Store to be closed at all times, but we need a way for iPads to receive the "Approved" apps and nothing else. It seems I can't use the new feature, without first users accepting the VPP invitation (which they can't do with App Store Removed).


Implemented Responded: 2/16/15 at 4:02 PM by eleven

Users can now accept a VPP invitation via prompt or Self Service while the App Store is restricted.