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Hide/Block Music App on iPads

Posted: 10/29/14 at 4:02 PM by CairoJXP Last Response: Yesterday at 10:51 AM by CairoJXP

When you open the music app on iPads it shows iTunes radio along with album covers. Some of these album covers are inappropriate for younger kids (ie. grades k-5), thus we need a way to block access to this app.

I've also submitted something about this to apple through their iPad feedback page.

Upload Users

Under Review
Posted: 5/29/14 at 12:35 PM by qsodji Last Response: Yesterday at 9:30 AM by CairoJXP

It would be great to be able to upload an excel sheet of users into JSS for the user field instead of entering them manually 1 by 1. I understand when a user first sets the iPad up you can have them sign in and pull the info from there but if you want to use the VPP assignment of apps it makes sense to be able to mass upload users unless when you are sending the VPP invite via email, when they accept it puts them into casper as users.

Access Application Usage data via the API

Posted: 6/10/15 at 10:54 AM by ChrisL Last Response: Yesterday at 8:33 AM by mm2270

It would be great to access Application Usage Logs via the API.

I have several projects that would benefit from this, and some past ones that query the DB directly to get the data.

At the moment, you can't even use the API tell if application usage is being gathered - the ../JSSResource/computerinventorycollection resource doesn't indicate if the checkbox is checked in the Inventory Collection settings.

I could really use this for one of the features of my next open source project.


Self Service (Casper overall) detects open applications before deployment

Partially Planned
Posted: 1/11/12 at 11:33 AM by Sonic84 Last Response: 7/21/16 at 6:59 PM by donmontalvo

It would be awesome if Casper Self Service could detect if the package being installed conflicts with an open application.

Example: Firefox 9.0.1 is available in Self Service. The user has Firefox 6 launched in the background. The user click Install FireFox 9.0.1 in Self service. The result is FireFox is now broken.

In Editing Profile: Change Attending to Attended

Posted: 12/10/15 at 10:53 AM by arekdreyer Last Response: 7/21/16 at 6:54 PM by donmontalvo

For editing the profile, change "Attending JNUC 2015" to "Attended JNUC 2015".

IOS Smart Group / Search Criteria - App quantity

Posted: 7/21/16 at 6:28 PM by Malcolm

I can't see this being difficult to implement, cause the data already exists, and the code would be easy to cut and paste and doctor, to get the end result.

I would like to be able to create smart groups for the following criteria:

Specifically: App Quantity
but while your at it:
Photo Quantity
Video Quantity
Song Quantity

e.g. list devices where App quantity is above 100.

The purpose for this type of search is to help users maintain their device... the noticeable performance of IOS devices diminishes, when certain iPad models, reach a certain App quantity.

iPad 2/iPad mini: about 80 apps
iPad 3: about 90 apps
iPad 4: about 120 apps
iPad Air: about 150 apps
iPad air 2: about 170 apps
iPad pro.... not sure yet.

It's a shame there is no statistics of what apps are used the most by users, as this could be very beneficial in education in addressing student's appropriate use.

iPad Name

Implemented in 9.5
Posted: 11/3/12 at 3:59 PM by notoole Last Response: 7/21/16 at 2:50 PM by jrwilcox

Rename iPads from Casper.

Implemented in 9.5 Responded: 9/19/14 at 9:36 AM by erin.miska

The Casper Suite version 9.5 introduces the ability to set and enforce the names of supervised devices with iOS 8. Names can be set using a PreStage enrollment or from individual mobile device records.

Add 'cancel' button to self service

Under Review
Posted: 11/7/15 at 9:31 AM by tcandela Last Response: 7/21/16 at 2:31 PM by tcandela

When a user selects a self service policy and gets to the description pop up, it would be helpful to have a seperate 'Cancel' button along side the button that would execute the policy.

Example; user selects a self service printer, description pops up, my button labeled 'install' is visible for the user to finalize adding the printer. If they decide to not install it , having a 'Cancel' button along side 'install' button is more clear to the user than a 'X' at top right corner of description box or clicking outside the description pop up.

Use Google Apps as an alternative to LDAP

Under Review
Posted: 3/31/14 at 12:22 PM by philhavens Last Response: 7/21/16 at 2:24 PM by bknibbe

Allow a Google Apps domain to function as an alternative to LDAP. This would be immensely useful as our students are on their way to not even having LDAP accounts any longer as our entire program is based on Google Apps and iPads/JSS.

Google provides APIs that could be utilized directly for this situation.

Smart Computer Groups based on Site

Not Planned
Posted: 9/3/13 at 12:47 PM by greicius Last Response: 7/21/16 at 12:19 PM by spalmer

The ability to make a smart computer group based on Site.

Not Planned Responded: 11/20/14 at 4:24 PM by john.miller

As noted in the comments, Site is intended to help delegate management responsibilities without inadvertently sharing device data. This intent makes it frustrating when having to create a policy for multiple difference sites, or finding visibility into other sites. We are working to improve that workflow, making it similar to moving Users between Sites and seeing which Sites Users are a part of.