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Smart Mobile device group email to user entering group

Posted: 46 minutes ago by sweatherholt

As a school when students enter a smart mobile device group it would be great to be able to send an email to them as they entered the group.

To Address: variable depending on user entering smart group
From Address: configurable
Subject: configurable
Body: Configurable

Also in the body give us some ability to show them a data element that caused their entry into the smart group:

Your free space is below 2%
You have installed ooVoo which is a restricted app.

Policy Execution 'Once Per Computer, If Successful'

Under Review
Posted: 10/1/12 at 12:41 PM by brent.buckner Last Response: Today at 8:23 AM by nigelg

Set policy to run once per computer when the script exit code is equivalent to a success.

For instance, if a large package fails to download successfully, and triggers the policy to fail, it should not count as the "once per computer" execution.

Disable macOS Continuity (Sierra)

Posted: 6/13/16 at 2:45 PM by roethelbc Last Response: Today at 8:15 AM by michael.devins

If their is a way to disable this without disabling all of iCloud. If we cannot block just this feature we will have to block iCloud, which will upset a large number of users.

Easy way of packaging printers in composer:

Posted: 8/25/16 at 12:52 PM by jared_f Last Response: Today at 7:59 AM by jared_f

It would be nice if you guys added a tool in composer for just printers to be created using the ones installed on the admins (or whoever is making printer packages/dmgs) computer. It would be easier than taking many more steps to get a printer packaged to allow it to map to system preferences on a client device. I know it is possible currently, it would just be nice to have an easier way!

Add MacOS to patch reporting

Under Review
Posted: 8/25/16 at 3:44 PM by iordonez Last Response: Today at 7:59 AM by Taylor.Armstrong

Great feature in 9.93 that allows you to use JAMF defined software titles for patch reporting. This further allows us to create smart groups like "Google Chrome is not Latest Version".

One thing missing from this procured list is the MacOS patch level itself. It'd be great to create a smart group where "MacOS is not Latest Version"

VPP Code Warning

Under Review
Posted: 7/20/12 at 1:19 PM by gitaum Last Response: Today at 7:41 AM by jrwilcox

It would be great to have a warning when you are running low on VPP codes for an APP. Email notification would be great.

Prevent single iOS app from being deleted by end-user

Posted: Today at 7:01 AM by blackholemac Last Response: Today at 7:38 AM by blackholemac

This may be a better feature request for Apple, but I would like to confirm. Periodically we have 1-2 apps that we wish to make mandatory for students. Unfortunately, they tend to be apps such as standardized testing apps or MobileFilter apps. As a 4-6 th grader, the student's first inclination may be to delete such annoying apps. That is a problem for our IT department. Sure we can assign a punishment profile to anyone who doesn't have the app installed. That is what we currently do. That tends to interfere with instructional time when the user has to go to the tech room to correct the problem. It would be so much easier, if we could simply restrict certain apps from being deleted by the end-user. If JAMF has control over this, I can recommend how to implement it in the JSS GUI. If not , that and I hope other admin's will pressure Apple for this capability. I have seen a couple of posts on JAMF nation that could be solved with such a feature.

Search or filter possibilities in every list view the JSS webpage provides

Under Review
Posted: 9/22/15 at 5:56 AM by fritz.schlapbach Last Response: Today at 7:05 AM by jsmith-ppu

Please add the possibility to filter or search in every list view the JSS webpage provides.

For example:
- Smartgroups management: I would like to search/filter for Smartgroups
- Policy Scope: When adding a computer I can search for the computer name. When adding a Smartgroup i can not search for the Smartgroup name. Why?
- Edit a policy and add a package: I would like to be able to search for a package. If you have many packages in the list you are going crazy while searching for the right one.

Furthermore the previous search should be stored as long as I'm still working in this view. For example if I'm searching for all policies which contain "2016" in the name I would like to get back to this filtered view after opening one of this policies. Today I have to search again as soon as I opened one of the policies the search found.

GUI approach to Home Screen Layout

Posted: 4/1/16 at 9:37 AM by notoole Last Response: Yesterday at 7:17 PM by mcohen

A GUI approach to Home Screen Layout would make it more easier to setup and maintain.

Policy trigger: Unlock Computer

Posted: Yesterday at 2:37 PM by tom.londy Last Response: Yesterday at 3:01 PM by mm2270

Please add a event for policies that will trigger when the user unlocks their screen after coming out of sleep or screen saver.
I have found using the login trigger to be inconsistent since most Mac users rarely reboot or fully log off. They just put it into sleep mode.