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Feature Requests

Wallpapers with ability for separate lock screen and home screen images in Prestage enrollments

Posted: Today at 7:52 PM by theelysium

Wallpapers with ability for separate lock screen and home screen images in Prestage enrollments. Wallpaper needs to be added to Prestage Enrollments so they can be added ass the devices hits the JSS. It's seems ridiculous that I have to do it later or individual per device. Why is it not in the prestage? It should be apart of it.

Automatic profile signing renewal

Posted: 10/16/13 at 5:24 PM by tycho Last Response: Today at 6:58 PM by prbsparx

The configuration profiles are signed with an expiration date. Presently there is no automatic renewal process (nor a best practices kb).
I would like to have those renewed automatically.

Granular iCloud Preference Control

Posted: 9/6/13 at 2:03 PM by cfritzy Last Response: Today at 5:34 PM by KSchroeder

We use MobileIron for our iOS devices and it has the ability to block specific iCloud preferences from being enabled. Jamf only has the option to block all of iCloud or allow all of it. We want to be able to allow PhotoStream/Bookmarks and then block the remainder of the iCloud preferences Mail/Contacts/Calendar

Implemented Responded: 3/21/16 at 5:01 PM by beth.lindner

I apologize because I don't have a release version to tag this Feature Request to, but currently there is more granular control over iCloud with iOS devices. In the Casper Suite 9.82 the following iCloud features are available in the Restrictions payload of a Configuration Profile: Allow managed apps to store data in iCloud (supervised only), Allow iCloud keychain, Allow iCloud documents & data (supervised only), Allow iCloud backup, Allow iCloud Photo Library, and Allow iCloud Photo Sharing. Please keep the great feature requests coming!

Two-Factor Authentication

Under Review
Posted: 3/5/12 at 6:40 PM by kyle.seton Last Response: Today at 4:30 PM by martin

Two factor authentication integration with RSA tokens or YubiKey ect. For access to the JSS either via enrolment or standard JSS login. At my organisation we are heavily regulated and not allowed to have access to LDAP accounts in our DMZ. With this integration of two-factor authentication we can remove the work a rounds we have in place and uses the JSS for all it is worth. This would also provide another level of security that could be incorporated in to other organisations to stop AD accounts being locked out by intentional failed logging attempts via the JSS or failed enrolments attempts.


Make link to scrips from Policy view

Posted: Today at 2:31 PM by jmahlman Last Response: Today at 2:34 PM by jmahlman

This is probably a dupe but I think when you're working on a policy and add a script (or even a package) the script name should link to the actual script in the JSS. Simple enough, right? :)

Allow Cloud Distribution Point as a Failover for File Share Distribution Point

Under Review
Posted: 11/20/14 at 1:38 AM by btaniyama Last Response: Today at 10:47 AM by aaronkerrgfs

I have an AWS Cloud distribution point that I'd like to use as a failover for my locally hosted DPs. As of right now, you can only choose another File Share Distribution Point as a failover.

Add a 'Related Policies' column to the smart groups list view

Posted: 4/29/16 at 7:09 PM by b3nnb Last Response: Today at 10:39 AM by mm2270

it would be helpful to be able to click the related policy count while in the smart group list view to see what policies that smart group is added to without searching through the policies themselves

SIS Importer integration with Infinite Campus

Under Review
Posted: 10/22/13 at 11:01 AM by DVG Last Response: Today at 9:44 AM by Sandy

We use IC as our SIS and would love a way to import class data into Casper Focus. If was can automate the process, or at least have limited user input, life would be good.

Starts With - Criteria Type

Under Review
Posted: 4/24/12 at 11:49 AM by ryan.panning Last Response: Today at 9:22 AM by chuck3000

Since we have a standard naming convention for our computers, we make Smart Groups using the Like "type". But some other computers have the same criteria in the middle of the name, therefor they are included in the group.

It would be nice if Starts With and Ends With would be added for a Criteria "type". That way our groups are more accurate.

Rest API to not cause full inventory update.

Under Review
Posted: 1/7/15 at 1:21 PM by GaToRAiD Last Response: 4/29/16 at 8:38 PM by Graeme

Currently, if you would submit an update(Put) to the JSS via RestAPI it causes the JSS to do a full update of the inventory. However, it's truly not a full inventory update. It just takes the current snapshot of the record, copies it and pastes your api into the record. Then sends it back to the database to be updated. This is no efficient way of programing an update via the JSS to mysql. It should however, only update the individual record you are intending to, instead of the whole record for the computer. This in my opinion is a huge design flaw that needs to be corrected.