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Feature Requests

Hide Mobile Devices Tab in JSS

Posted: Yesterday at 9:20 PM by Kedgar

For those not using the JSS as an MDM solution, it would be nice to have a setting to hide those features.

Categories for Static and Smart Computer Groups

Posted: Yesterday at 9:18 PM by Kedgar

I think it would be beneficial and better organized if there were categories for Static and Smart Computer Groups.

Casper Imaging settings to be preconfigured in JSS

Under Review
Posted: 5/7/14 at 7:01 PM by Kumarasinghe Last Response: Yesterday at 6:15 PM by gachowski

Please make an option to get those 2 checkboxes "Erase Macintosh HD" and "Reboot to Macintosh HD" preconfigurable on Casper Imaging Configurations.
And also a Casper user permission to control which users/groups allowed to change those settings at imaging time (options are greyed out for a normal users but admin users will be able to reconfigure them at imaging if they want)

external image link

e.g- I would be able to configure this option on a Imaging Config settings so the end users wouldn't be able to change it. When the end user selects the imaging configuration they want, these options will be already set.

So we will be rest assured that the hard disk will not get erased by mistake (by user) on a Thin Imaging config.
Also same with the nuke and pave kind of Imaging Configs that hard disk will get erased at imaging.

The best would be to give us the ability to preconfigure all Casper Imaging settings on JSS.

Thank you.

Replace the "Casper Imaging is finishing installing software" black screen

Under Review
Posted: 2/20/12 at 11:58 AM by greatkemo Last Response: Yesterday at 6:11 PM by gachowski

I came across an issue that my images were hanging and not completing, and I discovered that when casper imaging reboots the computer into the adobeinstall account to finish installing other apps like symantec and adobe, I found that software update window popping up was causing it to not complete.

My request is, instead of having that black curtain, why not just have adobeinstall log in without the curtain, launches casper imaging in the middle of the screen while hiding the dock and menu bar items so that the admin can see if anything errors or pops up, and also can see from the progress bar how much longer is it going to take before the tasks are complete.


Being able to scope Self Service Plug-Ins

Under Review
Posted: 3/20/12 at 9:48 AM by Chris Last Response: Yesterday at 5:23 PM by scottb

I have a number of Self Service Plug-Ins that not all computers shall receive.

I'd like to be able to scope them directly in the Computer Management Framework Settings
rather than having to repackage them and distribute them via a policy.

JSS in IE is uglier than a bucket full of armpits

Implemented in 9.0
Posted: 5/24/12 at 7:00 AM by donmontalvo Last Response: Yesterday at 3:37 PM by CasperSally

JSS does not display properly in Internet Explorer. There. I said it.

Internet Explorer unfortunately is the default browser for our global staff who are on PC.

Internet Explorer unfortunately is the default browser in Citrix (no luck convincing them to add Firefox).

Internet Explorer unfortunately is not going away.

Please make JSS play nice with Internet Explorer.


Implemented in 9.0 Responded: 11/5/12 at 5:18 PM by zach

Despite this feature being voted down so much, we are testing version 9 on IE 9 and later for everything. It is becoming an officially supported browser. It should now only be as ugly as one or two armpits instead of a full bucket.

Duplicate Configuration in Casper Admin

Posted: Yesterday at 10:39 AM by jcasey Last Response: Yesterday at 10:48 AM by Josh.Smith

It would be cool if one could duplicate or clone an existing configuration so you could then add to or subtract from the existing configuration that you know you have confidence in. That would save having to rebuild from scratch and potentially overlooking something critical.

iPad Name

Implemented in 9.5
Posted: 11/3/12 at 3:59 PM by notoole Last Response: Yesterday at 10:12 AM by jrwilcox

Rename iPads from Casper.

Implemented in 9.5 Responded: 9/19/14 at 9:36 AM by erin.miska

The Casper Suite version 9.5 introduces the ability to set and enforce the names of supervised devices with iOS 8. Names can be set using a PreStage enrollment or from individual mobile device records.

Disable all management activities while leaving the JSS web interface accessible

Posted: Yesterday at 8:57 AM by lwindram

I ran into one of those ongoing smart group defects yesterday. The symptom was that one of my smart groups temporarily added about 600 devices. As all my policies, config profiles, etc. are scoped to smart groups this caused significant collateral damage. My only option to limit this was to shutdown the Casper server until I was able to get hold of JAMF. In order to troubleshoot and develop a workaround, the server had to be restarted, and computers continued to receive incorrect policies while I worked with support.

It would have been ideal to be able to shutdown all outgoing communications for the duration. I'm don't imagine that this would be an oft used feature, however it could prove very useful when needed.

Unique local admin password per machine

Under Review
Posted: 9/18/14 at 11:29 AM by lpierce1979 Last Response: Yesterday at 12:37 AM by alinafoster

Essentially have Casper do what it does with the Casper admin account, a unique password for a local admin account per machine, but taking that one step further, storing it in the JAMF database and making it available much like it would with the FileVault individual keys, and being able to control who can see that with ACLs.