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Feature Requests

Smart Group or Advanced search of Managed iOS App

Posted: 2/25/15 at 2:02 AM by rickgmac Last Response: Today at 7:14 AM by stoneacheck

Need a way to find out if a iOS App is managed or unmanaged.

Details are in inventory, however you can't seam to create a smart group or advanced search

Configuration Profiles - Download Unsigned Option

Posted: 11/5/14 at 9:47 AM by jcompton Last Response: Today at 5:39 AM by bentoms

Allow advanced admins to download unsigned version of configuration profile, so it can be edited by hand and then uploaded again.

All pending/failed profiles should be canceled/wiped after re-enroll/re-image

Posted: 6/2/15 at 11:25 AM by bpavlov Last Response: Yesterday at 5:05 PM by bpavlov

If a computer has been re-imaged or re-enrolled via Casper Imaging, all pending/failed profiles should be canceled/wiped from the computer in the JSS. Unfortunately, they still show up under the computer's Management tab "Management Commands" section.

CJA and CCE classes in Chicago!

Under Review
Posted: 5/26/15 at 8:46 AM by RogerUL Last Response: Yesterday at 3:39 PM by madscripter

There is a definite demand in the Chicago area for both the CCE and CJA classes. Currently there are none scheduled in this area. SOme of us on on travel restrictions and can not make it to Minneapolis or the other locations. I guarantee there is enough interest in these two classes to hold one here.

Apps Groups

Posted: Yesterday at 11:30 AM by mmacpherson Last Response: Yesterday at 11:49 AM by mmacpherson

Currently you can assign apps into categories. Would like a feature to make multiple apps groups in which you can assign smart groups to. The apps can be assigned into multiple groups based off of need. Its more for organizational purposes and ease of assigning apps to different groups. This would be to eliminate having to go into each app and assigning it to a scope, would like it done on a group level. For instance in a school environment we have carts in the elementary schools and in the high schools. I would like to make an "elementary apps" group and assign all my elementary carts to that group.

Smart Computer Groups based on Site

Not Planned
Posted: 9/3/13 at 12:47 PM by greicius Last Response: Yesterday at 11:49 AM by nick1313

The ability to make a smart computer group based on Site.

Not Planned Responded: 11/20/14 at 4:24 PM by john.miller

As noted in the comments, Site is intended to help delegate management responsibilities without inadvertently sharing device data. This intent makes it frustrating when having to create a policy for multiple difference sites, or finding visibility into other sites. We are working to improve that workflow, making it similar to moving Users between Sites and seeing which Sites Users are a part of.

Software Update Servers custom URL

Posted: 1/14/15 at 4:49 PM by nzmacgeek Last Response: Yesterday at 10:35 AM by jaharmi

At the moment, the Software Update Servers settings in Casper only allow you to enter a host:port combination. This doesn't allow you to leverage branches (like in NetSUS), which my site uses to have a group of users test software updates prior to productionising them. All our clients default to:


but I want the testers (who will have their SUS servers set via the policy that pushes updates to them) to have


Allow full CatalogURL to be set for a Software Update Server

Posted: 2/26/15 at 2:59 AM by cvgs Last Response: Yesterday at 10:25 AM by jaharmi

Either allow full CatalogURL to be set for a "Software Update Server", or completely remove the feature so that we are not tempted to rely on it. Hostname and Port alone just doesn't cut it.

Currently those valid variants cannot be set in the JSS:

  • Custom Branch: http://my.swupd/index_testing.sucatalog
  • Usage of HTTPS: https://my.swupd/index.sucatalog


Audit when FV2 Recovery Key is Viewed

Under Review
Posted: 3/6/15 at 9:08 AM by Jason Last Response: Yesterday at 10:20 AM by jaharmi

Even if the ability to view a FV2 recovery key is limited, it would be good to know when it's accessed and by who. I would like the ability to see:
User ID of person who clicks "Get FileVault 2 Recovery Key"
Time stamp of that activity
IP address of the system which did this
Ability to send an email alert out when that button is clicked.

Use Proxy Server option in JSS

Posted: 12/11/14 at 6:29 AM by jeremyonslow Last Response: Yesterday at 5:51 AM by jeremyonslow

Rather than having to manually enter a rather complex command to enable the JSS to go through a Proxy why not just have a tick box and field for the proxy server address and port within the JSS.