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Feature Requests

Self Service "Featured" apps scoping

Posted: 11/30/15 at 5:45 PM by Stuey Last Response: Yesterday at 1:42 PM by john.miller


While updating some Self Service Packages today, I thought:
"Wouldn't it be great if I could have apps show up in the "Featured" section of Self-Service based on the Smart-Groups that machines/users fall into"

This would allow us to feature AdWare removal tools for computers with detected AdWare, Music tools and plugins for machines that are in the Music groups, etc without scoping these policies ONLY to those machines. Sure, we could do it with multiple policies for each Application, but this is not ideal and becomes cumbersome.

This would also create a better experience for users of Self-Service, as we can show them the stuff they're likely to need on the front page of Self Service.

Self Service Branding

Under Review
Posted: 4/26/12 at 2:51 PM by ranschaj Last Response: Yesterday at 12:53 PM by cgolebio

It would be nice to be able to brand Self Service to match a corporate design language. It should include items like the icon, splash page, and in site titles. Doing this would let users have a more comfortable experience than going to a site without the company branding.

Create Local Account with User ID, UUID, and uploaded picture

Posted: Yesterday at 9:45 AM by jaharmi

Add the capability to set the follow characteristics of an account that is created with the Local Accounts Policy:

  • specified User ID (UID)
  • specified UUID
  • uploaded picture (in addition to the already-present option to specify a path)

The Local Accounts policy currently (as of JSS v9.81) lacks the ability to set these options on an account. Adding them would give Casper parity with the user account management features in:

Organizations may have specific requirements for setting up local accounts. Of the three items above, UID and UUID are probably the most likely to need to be controlled.

The ability for a JSS user to set the UID and UUID options should probably be limited to those with specific privileges, similar to an earlier feature request.

Policies which will later start on schedule should have blue dot to differienate them from perminatly disabled.

Posted: Yesterday at 8:00 AM by thoule

Policy view shows all policies with a green dot for enabled and a grey dot for disabled. A policy which is later scheduled to start (will start at a future date via activation time) should have a blue dot. I recommend blue as colorblind folks like me get annoyed with red/green/yellow combinations.

Ability to add URL to dock with a profile

Posted: 11/27/15 at 11:23 AM by tobiaslinder Last Response: Yesterday at 6:29 AM by blackholemac

We often have to add URLs to servers or websites to the dock. It would be greatly appreciated by if we could do this directly over profile management. At the moment we do it with dockutil but this way we can't enforce the setting.

Casper Focus unlock code

Posted: 11/30/15 at 10:32 AM by Garrett Last Response: Yesterday at 6:06 AM by blackholemac

I like Casper Focus. However, often a student will sleep their ipad while it is focused. They may be taking a test on Canvas or Blackboard, finish the test, sleep their ipad and the wifi signal drops. Once the wifi signal drops the teacher cannot un-focus the ipad.

JAMF, please add into casper focus the following feature. When a teacher chooses to focus an ipad, the app asks the teacher for a 4-digit code. Then, when the teacher focuses the ipads, a lost connection to wifi won't brick the device. Now, when a student's ipad has been focused and won't un-focus, the teacher can tell the student the 4-digit code and the student's ipad will un-focus. This is a second layer of protection to prevent the ipad from being focused once the class period has ended.

All of our teachers have the time for their class to begin and end build into focus, and focus is supposed to stop when the class ends, but often it does not.

Thanks - This feature will make it possible for us to use Casper Focus without fear of bricking the iPad.

Schedule and bandwidth limitation for syncing DS in Casper Admin

Posted: 11/30/15 at 7:02 PM by cnorrisAdmin

As we have a remote location and the pipe from our main location to our remote location is only 100Mb (and will be upgraded to 1Gb), syncing during the day is not an option when I have GBs of packages to transfer to the remote DS.

Having a way to limit or set the bandwidth and a way to schedule the sync would go a long way to keeping the 2 locations in sync. Right now I have been using ARD, which works, but with the size of some of the Adobe pkgs and having a number of them just makes it a pain.

Defer Reboot after Software Update for a Time Period Rather than Set Date

Under Review
Posted: 5/8/14 at 10:27 AM by emilykausalik Last Response: 11/30/15 at 4:14 PM by milesleacy

In the interest of creating a rolling Software Update policy that allows deferral of Software Updates, it'd be incredibly helpful to set a deferral time period (two days, one week, etc.) from the installation of the update rather than a hard date/calendar date within the policy. That way a policy for running and implementing software updates could be rolling/ongoing, rather than having to adjust or create a new Software Update policy for each Software Update released.

Scope to percentage of smart/static groups

Posted: 11/25/15 at 11:47 AM by iJake Last Response: 11/30/15 at 12:45 PM by thoule

It would be extremely helpful if the JSS had the built in functionally to scope to percentage of groups. For example, a smart group might have 1000 computers in it but for a phased deployment we would like to only scope to 10% of that group at first and then ramp up from there to eventually 100%. Having to create smaller groups manually for this is tedious where the JSS should easily be able to do the math for this. This would also allow for easy scoping of random sample testing for policies especially when patch management is integrated.

Add Ability to POST/PUT using JSON via the JSS API

Posted: 12/4/14 at 2:09 PM by mzago Last Response: 11/30/15 at 12:21 PM by andrewrose

For those of us who prefer JSON objects, it sure would be nice to be able to POST/PUT JSON instead of xml. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but it appears that while you can request information as JSON you can't put data back into the JSS from JSON.