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Feature Requests

Unable to add in Applications

Posted: 9/7/15 at 7:32 PM by kadinams Last Response: 50 minutes ago by tbay_casper

i have a problem. I currently work at a Schools and our connection is behind a Proxy. Before our proxy was updates i was able to search and add using this function. However it now comes up with no app available with any search i do?

Could you please explain whats happening or how i can resolve this issue.

Need to know if an App has been enabled by the developer for device assignments prior to purchase.

Posted: Today at 2:47 PM by myoung Last Response: Today at 6:19 PM by Nick_Gooch

There needs to be a feature in the VPP assignments tab for Apps, that will let us know if the developer has enabled the App for device assignments prior to purchasing that app.
Currently there is no way of knowing if you will be able to assign content via a VPP account until after purchasing the App. I am talking about assigning an app from: Mobile Devices Tab -> Apps ->Choose App -> VPP Tab

Ability to sort Casper Focus Students

Posted: Today at 6:13 PM by AMATO

I would like to suggest that teachers be given the ability to customer sort Casper Focus, for example by Last Name instead of device name or username (which usually starts with a First Name).

I would also suggest the ability to allow teachers to move the iPads around and create a seating chart to quickly identify and chose a student in the room.

Retry button for failed configuration profiles

Under Review
Posted: 5/28/15 at 7:19 AM by davidacland Last Response: Today at 4:37 PM by bpavlov

As these fail to deploy quite often, a button to retry would be great.

The current process to retry applying a config profile is a bit drastic.

Add ability to update App Store app information in iOS Self Service

Implemented in 9.81
Posted: 4/6/14 at 6:40 PM by wakco Last Response: Today at 4:17 PM by mks007

I'd like to request the ability to have automatic, or at least a button to get updated information from the App Store for apps added to Self Service.

Currently the best way to make sure the information in Self Service is matches what is currently in the App Store requires deleting the app from Self Service and re-adding it. This is because since iOS 7, a lot of apps have updated their icon's, I'd like a button to force an update. or a routine on the server to automatically to go through all the App Store app's and update their information.

Ability to set Package execution in a Policy

Posted: Yesterday at 1:48 PM by cwaldrip Last Response: Today at 4:05 PM by Grayson

I'd like to be able to set the order in which packages are executed by a policy. At the moment the only method I can seem to use to through naming packages (1. install this.pkg, 2. install that.pkg, etc).

If it would execute at least in the order they're added to the policy, or maybe use a pulldown menu to set the execution order (1, 2, etc).

Cancel All Button in iPad Profiles for "Failed Commands"

Under Review
Posted: 10/28/14 at 11:46 AM by CairoJXP Last Response: Today at 3:13 PM by bpavlov

When looking at an iPad profile in JSS, under the Management tab you can see a list of "Failed Commands" with a cancel button next to them. You can also see this under the History tab when you click on "Failed Commands" in there. In some cases you get multiple failed commands that need to be cancelled. It'd be WONDERFUL to have a CANCEL ALL instead of having to cancel each one individually which is just incredibly tedious.

Disable Supervision Temporarily

Posted: Today at 2:52 PM by CairoJXP

Not sure how possible this is, but disabling the supervision of iPads that are in JSS and have gone through pre-stage would be awesome! I hit cases where I use Apple Configurator to update an iPad using an IPSW file (because we shouldn't have to be forced to update to the latest update which in many cases breaks more than it fixes with apple), but it fails because the "iPad is supervised by another host." Rather than un-managing the device and having to run it through pre-stage again or what not, if you could disable the supervision to get the update installed, that'd be great! I realize this request may not be totally realistic though.

Advanced Search Action - Execute Remote Command

Posted: 9/30/15 at 11:38 AM by NightFlight Last Response: Today at 2:49 PM by NightFlight

I would like to see the ability to execute bash commands on computers via the results of an advanced search in the JSS. Currently there is a button called 'Send Remote Commands', but the only current functionality is to lock the device.

Execute remote command attributes:
1. Retry X times on failure
2. Limit retries to X minutes

Alternately the ability to trigger an existing policy would be a welcome solution for improved advance search actions.

VPP Apps Assigned by Devices the same as by Users

Posted: Today at 12:00 PM by aertull Last Response: Today at 2:46 PM by CairoJXP

When assigning apps by user I can create a "group" where I select all the apps I want, scope them to the appropriate users and they get assigned. This means if I have 20 new apps for those users I can just go in to the assignment and add those apps by checking there boxes. If I do assignments based on device I have to go into each app individually and scope it to the desired devices. Can't we just add devices as an option to the VPP assignments instead so that we can choose whether to scope to devices or users?