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JSS Web Interface Timeout

Under Review
Posted: 11/21/11 at 8:55 PM by Janowski Last Response: About an hour ago by cscsit

We currently edit the /Library/Tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/ file to increase the Session-Timeout value. It would be great if we could do this from the Settings tab of the JSS interface instead.

Add functionality to Dashboard to view recently added/changed policies/packages/scripts/smart groups

Posted: 6/21/16 at 9:25 AM by RobertHammen Last Response: Today at 10:35 AM by jkb

The Dashboard feature is great in that it allows per-user display of policy history, configuration profile deployment, etc.

What would make it even more useful is to allow more than just display of policy status. I'd like to see the ability to have Dashboard show things like the last x number of new/modified policies (including showing date/time and who), last x number of new/modified packages, scripts, smart groups etc. X should be user-definable as well (5-50?).

This would be REALLY helpful for a couple of reasons:

a) In my previous life as a consultant, I was not always onsite and wanted a quick way to see what policies and packages may have been changed/altered by others
b) for security purposes, it would be extremely useful to see if packages were being added and/or policies being edited (i.e. in case a users' password was compromised and someone was adding/deploying software/scripts/profiles to client Macs - I know 2FA would help with this, but this would be another thing that let me sleep better at night).

Bulk/Batch Push Option

Posted: 10/8/14 at 9:22 AM by CairoJXP Last Response: Today at 8:19 AM by athomas

Having to do individual pushes to numerous iPads gets incredibly tedious. There should be a way to do a bulk push either to multiple iPads by checking off the ones you want and sending a push or doing a push for a device group, or both.

Breakdown of error messages per policy

Posted: Yesterday at 7:12 PM by prbsparx

For policies that primarily install software, we have noticed that there are several common error messages, and we'd like to see a breakdown of each error message per policy.

Each row should be clickable so that it shows you the computers that had that particular error message. A computer should be able to show up in multiple rows.

Policy: Install Adobe Flash
Number of Computers - Error Messages
5 - Could not mount SMB DP
3 - Could not connect to the HTTP server
3 - Installing package failed.

Search Users Assigned device amount

Posted: Yesterday at 5:05 PM by mccaskill

I would like to see an option to be able to search the user base and build a criteria for amount of mobile device and computers assigned to specific users.

Reason for this is to look for users with nothing assigned to them; Content, devices, etc. so these accounts can be removed. These accounts typically are created over user error.

Duplicate Responded: 13 minutes ago by beth.lindner

Thanks for supplying the use case for this Feature Request! I am linking it to another that indicates the value that would be added by reporting on users and the number of devices assigned to their account. This connection will combine the votes and keep the comments in one location.

Smart Group Notification

Under Review
Posted: 11/17/11 at 9:42 AM by gregp Last Response: Yesterday at 4:03 PM by alex.wyatt

Would like a field in each smart group definition for an email address to send notifications.

This way, can customize where notifications go instead of all smart group changes going to all users that are set to receive notifications.


Have two groups, one that checks for a bad laptop battery and another that detects local admin accounts.

For the former, I don't care about a bad battery, but our desktop services team does. For the latter, I take care of those accounts, but our desktop services team can't do anything.

As Casper is currently, each of us would get both group changes.

Remove Printers from Clients

Posted: 9/26/16 at 11:26 AM by VinceSalvati Last Response: Yesterday at 3:58 PM by jhuls

I assign printers to the clients via Configuration Profiles. But when I remove a printer from the Profile it does not remove it from the client. It would be great if I could do that. Or if there is another way to delete printers from the client.

List of Apps Scoped by Mobile Device Group

Under Review
Posted: 11/29/12 at 11:48 AM by jpena Last Response: Yesterday at 12:55 PM by damienbarrett

Is there a way or can there be a way to see a list of what apps are scoped to what mobile device group? I can go to a particular app and see where that is scoped but I'd like to click on the mobile device group and see all apps scoped to that group.

Smart group usage overview

Posted: Yesterday at 3:21 AM by Sirmacalot Last Response: Yesterday at 12:42 PM by PhillyPhoto

Hello JAMF dev's,

We are cleaning up a few of our JSS's and what would greatly help us would be an overview of where smart groups are beeing used for.
For instance a button within a smart group that wil list al of the policies and other functions it is beeing called on for.
Makes cleaning and speeding up your JSS allot faster and safer. :)

Kind regards,


Duplicate Responded: Yesterday at 1:57 PM by beth.lindner

Thanks for the great explanation behind the Feature Request. I am linking it to another that also discusses how helpful where a Smart Group is in use would be during cleanup phases. This connection will keep the votes and comments in one location.

Repair Permissions in OS X El Capitan

Implemented in 9.92
Posted: 2/3/16 at 6:43 AM by martin Last Response: Yesterday at 10:07 AM by kerouak

With OS X 10.11 El Capitan "Fix Disk Permissions" no longer works. Up until El Capitan is was able to repair the permission with the following command:

$ sudo diskutil repairPermissions /

With El Capitan you need to use a different command in order to repair permissions:

$ sudo /usr/libexec/repair_packages --verify --standard-pkgs /

The current version of the Casper Suite 9.82 does not fix disk permissions:

$ sudo jamf fixPermissions /
Fixing Permissions...

It runs the command but is done within a second.

Please support the new command in El Capitan.